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Performance enhancement utility for PalmOS compatible handheld computers
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What is QuickBits?

QuickBits makes a HUGE
difference on color devices. 

Make your Palm (or PalmOS compatible handheld) run faster! QuickBits optimizes several common operations to improve their performance by as much as 8 times the original speed. Applications which rely heavily on these operations (text drawing, memory read/write, memory filling, form popup/hide, form draw) gain a significant speed boost. All this translates into a snappier, more responsive Palm user interface.

QuickBits is NOT an overclocking utility. It does not alter the speed of your handheld's CPU and avoids the complications which can result from doing so. However, QuickBits is fully compatible and complementary with overclocking utilities. If you're into overclocking, use QuickBits on top of your favorite utility for the ultimate in PalmOS performance!

QuickBits incorporates a benchmarking facility which graphically illustrates the speed of your handheld with and without acceleration. Your handheld's performance is ranked on several charts against baseline measurements of other common PalmOS compatible handhelds. QuickBits reports a QuickBits Index (QBI) number which represents the collective speed, on your handheld, of the operations QuickBits accelerates. Higher QBIs indicate higher performance.

See how much faster your Palm is! (screenshot from a Palm V)

Benchmark the speed of common operations.

Enable/disable individual optimizations.

  • Improves performance of several critical functions including text drawing, memory filling, memory reading/writing, form popup/hide and form draw.
  • Automatically detects and enables the optimizations most appropriate for your handheld.
  • Built-in benchmarking facility to measure before and after speedup performance.
  • Performance enhancements can be individually disabled/enabled. 
  • NOT an overclocking utility. QuickBits optimizations are performed without messing with your CPU speed.
  • Overclocking compatible. Get an additional speed boost with QuickBits.
  • Compatible with Palm III, IIIc, IIIx, IIIe, IIIxe, V, Vx, VII, VIIx, m100, m125, m500, m505, IBM WorkPad, Handspring Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Prism, Visor Platinum, Visor Edge, Sony CLIÉ S320 and other PalmOS 3.0 or greater compatible handhelds.
  • NOT compatible with Sony CLIÉ N series (e.g., 700, 710, 760, 770, 600, 610), T series (e.g., 415) or HandEra 330 handhelds
Download QuickBits

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What people are saying about QuickBits

5 Stars"Whether you're an avid game player, animator, or just looking to increase your Palm's performance, QuickBits is a safe choice."  -- ZDNet

"The performance boost it delivers is nothing short of impressive, and the robust benchmarking tables it incorporates makes it fun to use" -- The Gadgeteer

"by far one of the best utilities available for the Palm! the concept is simple, optimize various operations, and replace those provided by the operating system - for speed." - Aaron Ardiri, Palm application author, www.ardiri.com

"Gee, after all the manipulation to get Afterburner to work at maximum speed, along comes this program. It is much easier than Afterburner, and seems to be the easiest and most thorough solution for speeding up Palms. Anybody reading this should try it and see for yourself." - Jim Kresge

"It is a great little application which really helps my applications (Travel Pal, AddressPro and Palm Convertor Pro) perform much quicker on Palm IIIc devices (actually all PalmOS 3.5 devices which I tested them on)." - Jacob Zinger, Palm application author, www.ZingWare.com

"THE BOTTOM LINE: The performance boost QuickBits delivers is nothing short of impressive. It can do things AfterBurner and Tornado V cannot, and will dramatically improve the speed of your device without any overclocking." - Dr. Palm PHD

"This is about the most polished Palm accelerator on the market, and it makes a very noticeable difference without tinkering with clock speeds--although the developer claims it will work with overclockers for even more speedup. I don't like overclocking, as stability is the main reason I love my Palm so much, but I see nothing wrong with "tweaking" the OS for better performance. [...] Benchmarks are only half the story, though: forms that used to "wipe" onto the screen pop up instantly, the Launcher feels zippier, and apps are generally more responsive." - Peter Landers, Haileybury, Ontario

"Totally awesome! I give this my highest rating of 5 stars - this program rocks! It speeds up my Palm by a huge amount. Best 5 minutes of time I've spent in a long time. I like that it does its magic all without overclocking. My IIIc gets a QuickBits Index of 212, over 3 times faster than my IIIc without QuickBits." - scottlu, Boston, MA

Latest News

5/19/01 - Version 1.1 released

  • added PalmOS 4.0 support (e.g., Palm m500, m505)
  • revised built-in benchmark results with up-to-date PalmOS-compatible devices
  • fixed Periodic Table For PalmOS hang (Scr/BltDrawChars accepted y+yExtent values > 160 and trash memory)
  • fixed extremely rare (unreported) memory leak

10/25/00 - Version 1.0c released

  • fixed conflict with certain Hacks which resulted in crashes and difficulties hotsyncing and deleting programs/databases
  • fixed Flash! 2.0.x crash
10/21/00 - Version 1.0b released
  • fixed uninstall bug (introduced in 1.0a), all PalmOS versions
  • fixed MemSet optimization Fatal Alert "MemoryMgr.c Line: 666, MemSet to NULL" (e.g., CryptoPad), all PalmOS versions
10/18/00 - Version 1.0a released
  • fixed Quicksheet crash on Palm IIIc
  • fixed MiniCalc w/ underlined text crash on PalmOS 3.5.x

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